Maiden Flight - August 15, 1952

Final Flight - October 14, 1997


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Capital ordered 5 British Bristol Britannias but the acquistion was canceled
Two days prior to her first flight on July 31, 1956, G-ANCA is seen wearing the livery of Capital Airlines in front of the Brabazon hangar.

Airliners Magazine, Sep/Oct 2003 -- "The Bristol Britannia - Whispering Giant" by Scott Henderson.

"The Britannia program ran into lengthy delays following the maiden flight of the prototype in August 1952. A second prototype, incorporating a number of design modifications, flew in December 1953. Further problems were found in the Proteus 705 turboprop engines (reduction gear failures), as well as wing flap mechanism failures, and extensive testing on the pressurization system was required after the Comet 1 crashes. The first two production models were finally delivered to BOAC in December 1955 but commercial service was further delayed by engine flameouts caused by ice ingestion into the combustion chambers; the engine problems were resolved with the introduction of the Proteus 755. BOAC finally launched Britannia service in February 1957. Only 85 production models were built and most saw about 20 years of service before retirement."

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G-ANCA, crashed 6th November 1957. This was a serious loss of an aircraft so close to the
runway, the pilot had been trying to return but as he lost altitude he tried to pick an
area with few houses.
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