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The following is a list of "CAP friends" and former employees... this is a proprietary list, Please don't use these e-mail addresses to send jokes or unwanted promos. Yes, I know there are a few pictures missing. Pacbell (my ISP) deleted them. If and when I can find the originals I'll correct this. Let me know if you would prefer to have any of your personal info changed/deleted. Also let me know about the errors you may find

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From: Ray Fisher - NelsonJody@verizon.net
Subject: Capital Airlines - great website!!!

Hi Gary!
    I spoke with you last summer after finding you via Google at the request of Raymond Fisher (my father-in-law's best friend from the 30's). Ray was a mechanic and crash investigator for Capital in the 50's. You advised me then to send you an email to post on your alumni page with our permission . I am doing that now. Ray would like to hear from anyone who worked with Capital in Washington D.C. ! He also recited from memory a long list of people who worked with him at based National Airport in VA - D.C. (DCA). I am trying to track down a few of them.
    Also, I have since met a couple people who worked for Capital. I met them at the monthly meetings of the Virginia Aeronautical History Association - Hummel Field chapter near the mouth of the Rappahannock River at the Chesapeake Bay about an hour east of Richmond, VA. One of them is Arch Kingsley who flew for Capital and then United for nearly 30 years. Another gentleman, whose name I don't yet know, said he also worked for Capital, and there is a third gentleman whom I have not yet met who worked for Capital and donated a 1981 United Airlines - Capital Heritage photo of a DC-3 in flight to the "terminal" office at Hummel Field in Topping, VA. There is a strong sense of loyalty and bonds with these people, and they dearly want to know who is still "surviving" as one of them put it!
    Thanks for ALL your AMAZING work in chronicling SO MUCH Capital Airlines history on your wonderful website!
Do you have an online list of Capital people similar to what you have for LAX? We are specifically looking for Bill Operendeck - last known to have been in AZ, and for Butch Raymond - also from DC area but no idea where he is now. I realize that many if not most of these people may already be flying for God!
    Feel free to call me if you like... 703-281-6757 (can't leave msg. voice mail is full and messed up - haven't had time to fix it yet.)
    Please keep us posted! Thanks! Jody Nelson for Ray Fisher (age 88.5!)

From: Dick Russell, rrussell20@cfl.rr.com
Subject: Viscount Flying

Gary: Here are a few words and fond memories about the Capital Airlines Viscounts. I am still enjoying the collection of photographs and notes about this wonderful airplane. It played a big part in my life and in my next literary effort I'll tell you all about it.
click here to read Dick's additional remembrances

Best regards,
Dick Russell
Spruce Creek Fly-In
386-760-6188 [h]
386-405-6226 [c]

From: Elisabeth Gyllman" elisabeth.gyllman@telia.com
Subject: Great site you have!

Here are ours: www.onacrew.com www.iabcrew.com Overseas National Airways Crew web International Air Bahama Crew Web
Both airlines are out of operations just like Capitol and we were at our busiest 1966-1978! Yuo also find us at Facebook!
I will boost for your website next ONA / IAB Newsletter- hope you do the same for us so that we can unite crew who are looking for one another! There are so many cross-couplings!
Love from Elisabeth Gyllman elisabethgyllman@yahoo.com

From: Janet
Subject: former stews from New Orleans 1956

Would like to find room mates I had at that time=Kathy Murphy, Lynn Mull and Norma Baldwin= Do not know married names or where they might be= Norma married a Capital employee, but don't have a name= Also would like to get a biography of Trow Sebree= He is deceased, but flew with him and I believe he may have been with Capital from the beginning of the airline= Is his wife still living? she was much younger at that time? Thanks for any information you can send me= Have been trying to find some of the crews I flew with, but afraid it may have been too long ago=
Thanks again= Jan

From: Eugene Burroughs
09/03/12 04:28 PM
Subject: Capital Airlines

Just discovered you web site. My father worked first for PCA then Capital. He was in Norfolk from 1945(not sure exact start date) until 1947 when they moved him to DC in the offices at National Airport. I flew on the first commercial DC4 in Norfolk after the was Jan 1946. It was a PR flight with local officials. The Norfolk to DC route was a very good route for Capital due to the military traffic. We were friends with one of the traveling auditors and others.
Gene Burroughs

From: Peter Schlenker
Subject: BUFRCA20 (Departure May '57 - Jun '58)

Peter B. Schlenker 1700 York Avenue >New York, NY 10128 I also have contacts for Tony Masci, Ed Tomassetti & Jim McCarthy (all BUF).

From: Ward, Henry
Tue 6/21/2012
Subject: RE: Photographs and Historic Information of South Hangar Line at DCA 20jun12

Gary: Thanks for the quick response and suggestions. I will follow-up with Dr. Quarles, and have also contacted Roger Bentley, as I know he was the keeper of the CAA photo archives. Wish I could have seen the hangar's in the old days. I recently completed an interior survey - and there is almost nothing left from that time period (including nary a splinter of mahogany).

From: Ward, Henry, henry.ward@mwaa.com
Tue 6/19/2012
Subject: Photographs and Historic Information of South Hangar Line at DCA

Dear Capitol Airlines Family:
I am sure that some of the Capitol Airlines folks fro the vicinity of DCA may remember e, as I am the historian at National Airlines, that work with the Capitol Airlines Association over the years.
I help put on the exhibits at the Lyceum and the DCA Exhibit Hall, and attended a number of your wonderful (and sadly missed) picnics.
Over the years, association member have assisted me in finding images, objects and historical information to assist our historic preservation efforts at the airport.
I am hoping that your network may be able to help me again. I am in the process of assisting the United States Coast Guard in their efforts to rehabilitation DCA Hangar 4/5 as a new air support facility. As a part of this effort, they would like to put together a interpretive placard on the history and use of the South Hangar Line (Hangar 1-7). Although they are particularly interested in Hangar 4/5, any images or information on the other hangars would be helpful. We have a few exterior shots, but would really like to find interior shots or the office and shops spaces. As I know that Capitol had it headquarters in Hangar 3 and adjacent spaces, I am hoping that you
In addition, we have questions about a series of large, rectangular, vertical brick shafts that still exist in some of the hangars piers, extending from the roof line of the 1st floor to the roof of the 3rd floor. The original plans refer to the openings in the 2nd and 3rd floors, as future "Wind Tunnels" and "Future Test Towers".
After some research, I have concluded that these are probably the intake and exhaust stacks for the ventilation of some sort of engine test bed or cell located in the 1st floor shop.
Not sure about the time line for their use, but Hangar 4/5 would have been built in the mid 1940s, and a separate engine test cell was built for the Viscount fleet once they arrive in 1955.
I have not been able to find any additional information, and would appreciate if you or any of your associates have any additional information or leads. Please feel free to contact me directly, I can be reached by cell (410-336-8879) or PDA (henry.ward@mwa.com ).

Henry Ward
Archaeology/Historic Preservation Coordinator
Parsons Management Consultants
45045 Aviation Drive, Suite 300
Dulles, VA 20166-7528
410-336-8879 (Cell)
703-572-1198 (Fax)

From: Gerri Henneinke Habitz deepriver30@hotmail.com
Sent: Jun 11, 2012
Subject: RE: Capital 08jun12


Hi Gary, thank you for the information. I found that I had already left an email message on the website....oops, getting old, but wanted to send my "hire" photo from the hometown newspaper and one of me on a bitter Winter's day in YIP in front of my uncle's Edsel wearing my not so official headscarf. He owned a Ford dealership, and I remember that car being turquoise and white. From all the messages, I see that there are hundreds of Capital/United people who are still just as nostalgic about, and proud of having been a part of Capital, as I am, and sad to see that many have passed away. Someone asked about the overnight hotel in Chi. I stayed at the Shoreland, right off Michigan Avenue. Of all the pilots and co-pilots, I remember one name vividly, at least his last name: "Good afternoon, Ladies & Gentlemen, Captain Gallant and his crew would like to welcome you aboard Capital Airlines flight ...." I loved saying that. Among the VIP's on my trips were Werner Von Braun (a very shy, quiet man) and I think the most handsome man in the world at that time, Rock Hudson (accompanied by his wife). On my trips to DCA, I was treated very kindly (and given token gifts) by Japanese dignitaries, who were still in conversation with Washington, as well as the Detroit Lions, a couple of famous authors, and I can't forget a very inebriated model/star from Hollywood, with her very inebriated secretary and inebriated agent. The highlight of my career, even more so than Rock Hudson, was Kathryn Hepburn. What a lady. I also will never forget the downdraft that tossed the coffee cup on the lady's full-length, fawn-colored swede coat. Stored away are my hat, wings, overcoat and uniform, as well as my log book and membership card in ALPA, among other memorabilia. Your website has been a delight, and I go to it often, just to see what else is on there. Best of luck to you and to all the Capital people.
Gerri Henneinke Habitz
Dearborn, Michigan

[the following email has been copied from Dale Harpers webpage.]
From: terrilb1@msn.com
Sent: Fri. 08Jun 2012
To: rbottomley24@gmail.com; deepriver30@hotmail.com
Subject: Capital Airlines - Detroit - Patrick Hanley inquiry
Hello Roger and Gerri - I came across your emails on the Capital Airlines Friends and Alum site that was created by Gary Baesel. Happy to find it! I am searching for anyone who might have known my dad, Patrick Francis Hanley. I know it's a long shot, but I thought I'd try. He was a Capital mechanic in Detroit in the 1950s.(and maybe 1940's too?) We lived in Dearborn (I am the youngest of 5 kids) at 1464 Mason Street. My dad had to leave Capital when he became paralyzed from MS and couldn't work. Our mom passed away from breast cancer in the early 1960s (I was 5 years old) and since my dad was paralyzed and couldn't care for his 5 kids, we moved to Tulsa Oklahoma to live with my uncle (Dad's brother) and his family. It was wonderful that they could take all 5 of us in, with 3 kids of their own. They transported Dad in a hospital airplane, and we had to put him in a Tulsa nursing home for care. He passed away a few years later. I know very little about my Dad and would love to get more information. My older siblings and other family members have fond memories of him and I'd love to hear what he was like "on the job" at Capital or anything else about him. Any help you could give would be VERY much appreciated. Perhaps how to locate other former Capital mechanics in Detroit?
Thanks for your time.
Liz (Hanley) Brummett
Round Rock, Texas

From: Barbara Walters, Barbarablwp@aol.com
Sent: May 28, 2012
Subject: former hostess with Capital
Airlines - I sent my pictures from 1949, 1950 and 1951 to the museum people. Do not remember any names and I did have a newsletter at one time - still looking for it. Is the museum still operating? We did a lot of special charter trips - carried Gen. Eisenhower on his first campaign for president. Flew the original Boston Braves, then Milwaukee, now Atlanta football teams - many other professional football teams. I flew the Night Owl, f lew the "Connie" a lot, but also in early days, flew the DC-3 on the Tobacco Road run down to Va. Beach/ can't remember the other town airport. we slept on cots in an ante room off the operations room - that was the layover down there - the layover in Chicago was a famous hotel which I forget right now. Can you give me an address for the museum?
Thank you.
Barbara Walters Patterson

From: Gerri Henneinke Habitz
Sent: May 23, 2012
Subject: Capital Airlines
Gary, I wondered if you are still maintaining the Capital website; specifically, the names, pictures and email. If so, I'd like to add my name to the list and send a couple pictures. I enjoyed reading all the messages and seeing the pictures. One of the girls in my class at Grace Downs was still flying well into her 70's. I was based in YIP starting in 1955, and lived in the Washington House. My very first flight on an airplane was to training classes and it was a Super Connie from Chicago to DCA. That was very exciting for me.
Gerri Henneinke Habitz
Dearborn MI 48124

From: Roger Bottomly
Sent: May 11, 2012
Subject: address change
Please change the email for me to rbottomley24@gmail.com... I hired in 1-4-57 in Detroit and continued with United till I retired in Denver 3-1-96.
Thanks, Roger

From: TAGullia, taglaw@ymail.com
Sent: May 10, 2012
Subject: HELLO
I just found your web site (or whatever). Looks like we are all getting too old to keep communicating. I had a brief 2 years with Capital before I had to leave due to family issues--but I sure loved every minute of the time I was there. The captains I flew with were all great--pilots and people. And of course, our hostesses were a delight. I was barely there long enough to get to know the gate agents and ground support people but the ones I met were all helpful and friendly. I wonder if there are any folks still around who were based in YIP in the mid '50s.
Ted Gullia, F/O YIP (DC-3, Viscount) 1956-57 North Ridgeville OH

From: Jason Blake, JBlake@businessvitals.com
Sent: May 10, 2012
Subject: Nuala Keeney Blake
Gary, Iím sitting here with my mom and she asked me to look up Capital Airlines. When we did we came across your web site. My mom is Nuala Keeney Blake, and flew with CA from 1958-1964. Please send me an email back, I would like to get her some information so she can write you and others a letter.
My mom has returned to Philadelphia where she lives. I have forwarded your email on to my sister so my mom can read it. If you have any other information or updates. Please copy the following email address... debmassaro@comcast.net Please post our correspondence as you see fit. Regards,
James Blake

From: Mark Given, mark_given@hotmail.com
Sent: April 29, 2012
Subject: nice site you have
Hello, just wanted to say nice site of history you have there. I was going through some stuff my dad gave me and there was a couple coins that were from Capital Airlines that had Viscount on them. thought I'd do a search and it took me to your site. if you want pics of them for your site let me know. take care,

From: Michaelvasko@aol.com
Sent: 04/10/12 05:43 PM
From: Mike Vasko michaelvasko@aol.com
Subject: Help
Hello. picked this address because it was the last 1 on this page. A friend of mine, old Capital Airlines & UAL flight attendant. Also was married to a Capital pilot. She would like to get in touch with someone from one of the museums to donate some articles her deceased husband owned. Can you help her. Her name is Ruth Verplank ---Las Vegas,NV. My name is Mike Vasko, ex Capital mechanic---Henderson NV.--702-898-0561
Thank you,
Mike Vasko

From: Anderson, LTAx3@verizon.net
Sent: June 24, 2011
Subject: 101 year old capital pilot
Hello .... my name is Luther Anderson and I am writing for my uncle Luther Honaker .... He is now 101 and use to be a capital airlines pilot. I was wondering if there are still others from the old airline around? any info is appreciated.

From: Murray Johnson
Subject: Alumni Capital Airlines Stewardess, Anne M Johnson
Date: Mar 14, 2010pm
I wanted to inform any group or organization related to Capital Airlines about the unfortunate passing of my mother on November 8, 2009; her maiden name was Anne Elizabeth Murray and married name was Johnson. She was a stewardess on Capital Airlines from the mid 1940?s until early 1953 which she married and began raising a family. She had very fond and dear memories of her time with Capital airlines, so to all that may remember her pass this information along.
Murray Johnson - murray.johnson2@verizon.net

From: Clemmjoe@aol.com
Subject: Alumni
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009
Just wanted to check in. Joe Moses, 10-8-56 to Feb 1993.
DCA HGR 5, connie crew, BUFMM, PITMM, ATLMM, EWRMM, CLEMM and finally ORDMM.
I spent most of my time at CLEMM. I must say that you will never find a better bunch of people than the ones I worked with.
Joe Moses, jmoses8379@aol.com

Subject: New Alumnus.
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 22:21:02 EDT
My Dad, Merrill D. Holmes, tells of the time he worked for Capital Airlines after WW-II. Please put me on your emailing list so that I may pass them on to him because he has no computer. He would be happy to read about the old days and maybe share some stories with his fellow pilots.
Denny Holmes

From: "Tina & Rusty Fox", tnarsty1@comcast.net

Subject: Notification of the death of an Alumni
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2009

I am the son of a Capital Airlines Pilot with Capital from 1954 until their sale to United, retired with them in 1985. His name was Charles E. Fox (Rusty or Chuck). He passed away 5-10-2008. Any inquiries can be made to Charles E. Fox Jr. at tnarsty1@comcast.net.
Thank You
Charles E. Fox Jr.

Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009

From: Ray Anderson rayfxrt@bresnan.net
Subject: Capital Alumni

I am Ray J. Anderson.. I was hired 11/6/1959 as a ramp agent in LGA. I transferred to CLERR in 1961 and spent many happy hours living in the Weindorf house while he was in the military.. My roommates were Don Peterman. Don Harvey, Russ Backus, a guy, whose name escapes me, that went on to be a payroll manager with United, as well as many others who just spent one or two nights.. I retired in 2000 and currently reside in Billings , MT.. My E-Mail is rayfxrt@bresnan.net..
Anybody remember me ?

Date: May 23, 2009
Name: charles (charlie) sochin, cjsegs@comcast.net
Location: Stephens City, VA

Comments: I started with Capital in 1953 on the ramp crew then went to Cle res then at the merger went to fueler then to sfo as mechanic then back to clemm as mechanic in 1972 then to Dulles in 1988 when they took aircraft maint out of CLE and retired in 1998. I knew most of the Cleveland people with Capital. My e-mail is cjsegs@comcast.net please post this on your Capital Alummi list
Thank's Charlie Sochin

Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009
From: shirl shirlsart@aol.com
Subject: Capital Airlines Hostess 1961

Hi Gary,
What a pleasant surprize when I discovered your website! I was a Capital hostess in 1961. I got my wings April 21, 1961. The last hostess class for Capital was June of 1961. I have a photo of me in my uniform on TDY (taken at the Hotel Edison) New York, fresh out of training. I also have my certificate dated April 21, 1961 and a telegram I received from my family. I do still have my hat and jacket wings as well. Though most of my time in the air was with United, my heart has always been with Capital. I remember being a little sad that soon after I started flying, we were called United's Capital, then Unicap and of course, eventually United. Our first United uniform issue was either August or September of 1961. I do have a photo of that as well. After TDY in New York, I was eventually based in Chicago, MDW. The scream of the Viscount stays with me. It was such a special time. We lived close to Midway and couId always tell when the Viscount was landing. I used to go up to the observation deck on my days off just to watch the aircraft come and go...... speaking of which, I would love to have a copy of the photo from Ron Erich of the ramp at Midway and, of course, a poster (New York 1) or Chicago would be fun, even an 8 X 10. Such fond memories of a very special time in my life. Thank you so much, as it was the beginning of my dream! I do have to say I was almost as excited about the Caravelle w/ United. We flew executive flights non stop from New York to Chicago. The jet jockeys had a ball and so did the passengers! There was always a yipee or a woohoo on take off as it was new to all of us.....loved it!
If you would like, I could scan everything I have and send it [‡]......then you could use that which you choose..... as it would be great to be a part of the Capital Airlines Museum!!!

[‡] Shirl's memoribilla - click here

With much gratitude,
Shirl Brunsoman
Shirley Ness Brunsoman

From: Richard Orton laxlon@aol.com
Subject: Capital ticket jacket
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2009

  I came across this ticket jacket I saved from a flight I took with my
parents in May of 1958 from Detroit to Washington DC.
I was just 10 and hadn't flown much before that so I remember the
details very well. It was an early evening flight from Willow Run
Airport. We stopped in Cleveland on the way. On the second leg of the
flight were sitting at the table in the forward lounge flying over
Pittsburgh when the captain announced a spectacular display of the
northern lights. It was a very clear night and I had never seen them
before and it was impressive. In addition you could see the glow from
the blast furnaces in the Pittsburgh steel mills below.
I don't know what kind of plane it was but it was a memorable trip. <850 br>

Date: Feb. 7, 2009

From: Ray sellers lyndal2@verizon.net
Location: PIT

Comments: I started with capital in 1958 in dca and transfered to pit to finish my 39 years with united.

From: Mary (Bognacki) Hoff
Subject: Capital Airlines
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008

Hi Gary,
I was a Life member of the Capital Airlines Association and had not received any mail from them in some time. I found your web site and was delighted to see all the memorabilia.
My maiden name was Mary Bognacki and I flew from 1959 to 1962. My last base was Miami. Guy O?Rear was the scheduling manager then, affectionately refered to as ?Budhha?.
Do you have a list of the members?
Mary (Bognacki) Hoff

From: Janie Arthur
Subject: blanket pic
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008

Hello again Gary,

  Here's the picture I promised of the Blue Capital Blanket. It shows a bit of age, but I think it still looks pretty darn good, considering how long and far it's traveled. It's sort of like the Velveteen Rabbit that way. My brother, sister, and I used to use it sometimes when we needed an extra blanket to make a bedroll to take on a scout camping trip. If we were going on a trip we'd toss it in the car in case anyone needed a blanket along the way. So, the blanket put in a few more miles here on the ground, and it's held up pretty well, all things considered.
  I hope it'll be a part of your wonderful virtual museum. I enjoy visiting your site so much, seeing all the pieces of aviation memorabilia, and trying to picture what my mother's life was like back then. She always loved to fly, even though flying changed so much over the years...and not for the better according to Mama, lol, she used to say air travel had become like riding a big flying Greyhound bus.
  Here's my mother's Capital story...from the golden age of aviation...Jane McCullough then, and became Jane Arthur when she married.
  She went to work for Capital, in Washington DC, sometime in 1950 or 1951...after she graduated from UT Knoxville in 1950 ( not sure precisely what month, or year ). She lived with 2 or 3 other girls who worked for Capital, and loved them like the sisters she never had. They were all young and attractive, and lived life out loud.
  They loved their jobs, and the memories from that era. they stayed in touch for many years afterward, I'm not sure when they lost touch, but I think it was after Mama became ill with Parkinson's Disease and wasn't able to write anymore.
  They also loved to go out to dinner and to dance. We've got pictures of Mama at different restaurants and clubs with her friends, including then boyfriend, John Yonaker, a professional football player for the Washington Redskins, and former All American (Notre Dame) football player.
  I did have several 8"x 10" black and white glossy pictures of some of the different Capital planes, but those were stolen, along with a large box of other aviation memorabilia, and souvenirs from that time and those trips. I surely wish I still had all those things...they filled a u-haul medium sized box. Capital and other airline items, luggage tags and postcards from a lot of different airlines and hotels, both domestic and international, tickets, soap, matches, brochures from different flights, just tons of stuff. The contents of that box would have made a nice addition to your museum. Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk, I do still have the blanket.
  She did a lot of traveling, making good use of Capital discounts...including several trips to Cuba before Castro closed it...I was shocked when she said she'd been there...I had no idea that Cuba wasn't always as it is today. She also was able to take her mother on an extended trip to Europe, which was one of the greatest highlights of her life.
  She stayed with Capital until shortly before she married my father in October of 1956. She worked in reservations at entry level, then did some sort of customer service troubleshooting type of thing, I think, I don't remember what she said about that. She continued to use some of the Capital jargon all of her life...I think she enjoyed keeping a bit of those years alive that way.
  Well, I've rambled on and on here...sorry this is so long, I just wanted to sort of put Mama's Capital Years on record. Thanks for keeping the torch lit for all the former Capital employees. I wish Mama was still alive to see your website and I wish she'd known about the gatherings, she'd have fought, bled, and died to go to even one of those. Thanks for listening to me ramble.
Sincerely, Janie

From: John W. Hazlet, Jr.
Subject: DC-3
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008

I note in your fleet list the DC-3 N18620. I got my Airline Transport Pilot license (and a DC-3 type rating) in that airplane in about 1969, when we had it at Mercer Airlines. It was still in DC-3-G102 configuration (Wright engines, no cowl flaps, 1100 HP max power, wobble pumps instead of electric boost pumps, etc.). It still had "Penn Central" keystone logos on a lot of the cabin furnishings. I shot many an approach in that airplane, full of pax under FAR 121, with its "original configuration" single gyro horizon.
If you look at the original "movie theater" film M*A*S*H, right at the end of the show you'll see the famous surgeons getting off a DC-3. That was filmed at Burbank (CA) Airport, and the airplane (as I found out in one of my more romantic interludes -- being wakened from a sound sleep by a stewardess I'd taken on an evening movie date after a 0340 crew call -- she shouted, "Hey, that's Six-Twenty!) was N18620.
The airplane came due for an airframe overhaul in about 1970, the company decided it wasn't worth the money, and the ship was scrapped.
John Hazlet

Fom: Steve Carter
Subject: alumini log in
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008

I'm writing for my dad Jim Carter he was pilot for capital airlines, he flew dc-3 's and vicount's. He is 76 years old lives in Fla. He retired from United airlines in 1992 he flew dc-8's and 727's. he would love to hear about anything going on but does not use computers. So below i have listed his address and phone #.
Thank You
Steven Carter
James K Carter
900 Tropic Blvd
Delray Bch Fl 33483
(561) 272-1860

From: C Tucek
Subject: ex radio operator trained in dca,
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008

Do you have any info on old ??? radio operators. Worked from 1954 to 1959. DCA. Mdw. and yip. Thanks, my son found this cite. My e-mail is ctucek2@aol.com.
Carole Tucek

From: Jimsjoan@aol.com
Subject: Re: Capital Airlines
Date: Sat, 31 May 2008

It was good to hear from you. Yes, my name is Joan, and my husband was Jim last name Kotz. Jim started with Capital in 1956, in Washington, DC. Jim was my second husband, and unfortunately, we were only married 6 years, (so I really do not know all the airports he worked out of), they were the best 6 years of my life. We traveled, and enjoyed life. He retired from Chicago in 1990. I enjoyed the Capital news letters, and was sad when they stopped. I will be happy to mail these prints to you. I hope you will enjoy them. Jim found the three black and white prints in his stuff, when he moved from Florida when he moved to Pennsylvania to marry me. We had them restored, and he made the frames. I still have all his cherished items he received from his retirement, and several large prints I purchased from one of the picnics, that I have framed, and proudly display in the family room. I wanted someone to have these prints that still had an interested in Capital, and was keeping the spirit alive. You should probably receive them in a week or so.

From: Jimsjoan@aol.com
To: gary_b@coolsite.net
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008  
My husband worked for Capital airlines, and finally United. He loved what he did. We attended many of those wonderful picnics. I never got tired of hearing the stories. He passed away 7 years ago. Just recently I was going through some things and found three wonderful pictures of plans he worked on. He had them restored, and framed. I was hoping there was a place that was keeping the Capital memories alive. I would like to send these three pictures to you for your collection, if you would give me an address to send them to. I believe you would enjoy them.

From: Liz Forman golldiecat@yahoo.com
Subject: Capital website
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2008

Hi! My name is Liz Forman, and my father, Allen Dotson Steele was a pilot for PCA, then Capital, then United?.. 1941-1974. Your website is wonderful, and I wanted to share another website with you and your readers that I recently came across?.It is about old airports in the South East and it is WONDERFUL?.brought back a lot of memories!
My family and I took my mom to a Capital reunion a few years ago (we live in Richmond), and it was so much fun. It was the last time I saw Mimi Stewart (Mrs. Doug Stewart), who died recently?..and ?the picnic? was a no-miss event for the (Al) Steeles, (Doug)Stewarts and (Bill) Hendersons for years!! Thanks for keeping the memories alive?.. Best, Liz

From: Charlie Griffith seburiman@hotmail.com>
Subject: Current Date Reservations.
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007

  I'm Charlie Griffith, and worked in "Current Date" reservations in Hangar #4 at Washington's
National Airport for about nine months or so during 1958. This was my introduction the the airline
world after being separated from USAF at the end of my active duty period. Jake Reisinger was the Res
Manager, and Lois Dodd was my immediate supervisor.
  That was an exciting time, of course; and which was brought to an abrupt end by a strike
of the I.A.M. mechanics' union. The Viscounts were grounded, no tickets to sell for any reservations.
So, I was laid off, and had to resign shortly afterwards as of course I needed income.
One of my new friends, Marilyn Pringle (later Mrs. Paul Ammon) also resigned and quickly went to work for Pan American Airways' Reservations Office at 16th and "K" Streets, N.W. in Washington.
I followed very soon after. I ended up handling the C.I.A. passenger account and later was made a Cargo
Sales Rep., all out of the Washington D.C. office.
  That's my happy association with two first class airlines during the so-called "Golden Age".

      .....best regards,
      Charlie Griffith.

From: Gigi Hall gigi3102004@yahoo.com
Subject: Trow Sebree
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2007

Hey Gary,
Thanks so much for sending me this...I is so good to
hear from Aunt Elna. I copied her email and will get
in touch with her....
Thanks again,

Elna Kammler ekammler@cox.net
Subject: Trow Sebree
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2007

I can't thank you enough. GiGi emailed me and gave me the latest on her mom.
I just retired, after 25 years with the Associated Press, so now I'll have more time to keep in
touch with my old friends. However, I don't know how many of my Capital friends are still around.
I think I'm the oldest of the surviving "hostesses" - going on 83 (young)..

Again, thank you. Keep up your web page. It's wonderful.

Elna Koval Kammler ====================================================================================
I've been trying to get in touch with Trow Sebree's widow,Adrienne, or his daughter GiGi
Sebree-Hall. The last I heard from them was when they were in Muleshoe, Texas.

Adrienne and I were room-mates in the early '50's and then became neighbors after our hostess
days. In fact, Trow build our house in New Orleans. We had many happy days in Destin
after they moved there.

"Uncle Trow", as he was called by my four children, was dearly loved and we all remember the
funny, hilarious times we had spent with him.

However, all of our local friends lost track of Adrienne and Gi-gi after they moved to Texas. In
fact, someone had mentioned Adrienne had died, which I cannot believe.

Do you have any idea of where I can find more information?

I really enjoyed coming across CAPITAL AIRLINES Virtual Museum and the picture of Uncle Trow, also
the notes from GiGi and cousin Hinman.

Thank you for your help.

Elna Kammler
1951-53 New Orleans base

My maiden name. It was Elna Koval - New Orleans base: 1952-1953.

From: "David Clemo" dclemo3@comcast.net
Subject: Betsy Chase Clemo
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007

Hello: Just found your site. My father went to work for Pennsylvania Central in 1948, worked
in Grand Rapids until retirement. My dad's second wife went to work for the "firm" in 1946 and
was at Washington National until retirement. My father was Ernest Clemo, died in 2005. Betsy
Chase Clemo is still living, here in Grand Rapids.

Do you know who the woman is in the 1956 Capitaliner? Just wonder if it might be Betsy.


David Clemo
Grand Rapids MI

Saturday 11/03/2007
Name: Don Gaydos immollie@comcast.net
Location: New Castle, Pa

I'm amazed at all of the information and articles you've acquired. I hope that any former
Capital people keep contributing to your site. If I run across anymore items, I'll let you know.

Tuesday 10/30/2007
Name: Dick Hayes Dick@focalstones.com
Homepage URL: http://www.focalstones.com
Location: Elk Grove, CA

Comments: Started with United at TRI Nov 27,1961 with an all Capital Airlines crew. My
first trip as a Station Agent was a Viscount in the Capital livery.

From: Jerry Williams Gcw528@aol.com
Subject: Capital Airlines
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007

Hello - My name is Jerry Williams, I started with CAP 4/30/56 at PHF. Stayed there after the
merger, helped open IAD and then PHX. Being part of two opening crews was quite an experience.
Retired in 1988 from PHX. I still have a set of pilot's wings and cap emblem and two agents shirts -
I think. I haven't looked for them for quite awhile. Always nice to see the "Good Old Times." I
was a senior agent at PHF and when the merger went thru I received an $86.00 a month raise to
bring me to UA's agent's maximum salary. It was later adjusted to UA's pay scale. $86.00 in
1963 was a lot of money.

Thanks for the memories'
Jerry gcw528@aol.com

Monday 10/29/2007
Name: G.C.(Jerry) Williams gcw528@aol.com

Comments: PHF 4/30/56. Then opening crew at IAD 1/7/63, opening crew at PHX 11/20/80.
Rerired from PHXCS 6/1/88 and still kicking. Thanks for your work. While at PHF was the first CA
employee along with Station Manager C.R.Smith to reach the crash site of CA20, a Viscount from
ORD to ORF. No survivors. Not something anyone would want to repeat. Lost a good
friend on it.

From: Hugh Wolfe hugh.wolfe@gmail.com
Subject: Seeking information on what aircraft...
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2007

I happened across your web site doing research as a result of something my mother told me the other
day... Apparently the very first aircraft I ever flew on was a Capital Airlines flight from
Milwaukee WI to Cleveland OH in Dec 1955 when I was four months old... I would really like to
know what type of aircraft that was if possible... Your site is very extensive and I've looked
round a good bit without knowing exactly what I'm looking for... Any help you could provide would
be appreciated...

Thank you,

Tuesday 10/30/2007
From: Dick Hayes Dick@focalstones.com
Location: Elk Grove, CA

Started with United at TRI Nov 27,1961 with an all Capital Airlines crew. My first trip as a Station Agent was a Viscount in the Capital livery.

Tuesday 10/30/2007 6:56:46am
Name: david cox davidcox5@verizon.net

Referred By: Just Surfed In

Monday 10/29/2007 4:07:00pm
Name: G.C.(Jerry) Williams gcw528@aol.com

Comments: PHF 4/30/56. Then opening crew at IAD 1/7/63, opening crew at PHX 11/20/80. Rerired from PHXCS 6/1/88 and still kicking. Thanks for your work. While at PHF was the first
CA employee along with Station Manager C.R.Smith to reach the crash site of CA20, a Viscount
from ORD to ORF. No survivors. Not something anyone would want to repeat. Lost a
good friend on it.

Friday 10/26/2007 3:12:32am
Name: Jane Arthur janiart@bellsouth.net
Location: Tennessee

Comments: I forgot to put my mother's name in my entry, and ask if anyone remembers her from her
years at Capital. I'd really love to hear from anyone who remembers her. her name was Jane
McCullough then, Jane Arthur after she left Capital to marry my father. She worked in
Washington DC, til 1956. she would have loved this website...unfortunately she passed away in
june of 2002 from injuries sustained in a car accident, after a long debilitating battle with
Parkinson's Disease. so in her stead i salute all the members of her Capital family.

in memory of Jane McCullough Arthur, Dec 17, 1928 to June 10, 2002.

From: Janie Arthur janiart@bellsouth.net
Subject: my mother
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007

my mother, Jane McCullough, (her maiden name) worked for Capital in the early 1950's, in
Washington DC. she left to marry my father in 1956, but i believe the years she spent at
Capital were the one's she enjoyed most in her whole life. i inherited a good bit of
capital airlines, and other airlines memorabilia from those years...much of it got put
into an estate auction last year (that box was taken by mistake), but i do still have some
items, such as a blue wool blanket, some 8 by 10 photos of airplanes, and some other odds
and ends. i wish i'd known about your site, i'd have photographed all of them for you...and
there were quite a lot, a good sized box, and included things like employee memos and such
as well as more traditional items.

if you are keeping track of the former employees of Capital, please add my mother to the list.
she passed away in june of 2002, of injuries sustained in a car accident. the family believes
that it was a godsend though as mama had been extremely ill with parkinson's disease for over a
decade...she was no longer able to walk much, speak, swallow, write, read, and at times she
could no longer hold her eyes open, but through out her illness, her mind was as clear and
sharp as ever.

she had many friends in the capital family, and thought well of them, and capital all of her life.
i wish i'd found this website before she died, she'd have been so excited...unfortunately due to
her illness she wasn't able to effectively use the computer, but my dad or i could have navigated
for her.

thanks for bringing my mother's memory back to me so clearly...i miss her a lot, she was a
very special woman.

Jane Arthur (named after my mom)

Tuesday 10/23/2007
Name: Gerri (Henneinke) Habitz habitzg@sbcglobal.net
Location: Dearborn, Michigan

Comments: I flew for Capital around 1955, based in Yipsilanti...for the most part Viscounts to NY
and DC3's and 4's to upper Michigan in my early days. O'nights were in a barracks in the Sou..where
I saw an early morning glimpse of the bare backside of someone who later became an astronaut. He
was leaving the shower, bleary-eyed, as I was leaving the building for ops. Being a shy Hoosier
girl, I didn't have the nerve to whistle or even let him know I was there, until he heard the
door close behind me and saw me walking away.
I'm glad I was able to fly at a time when it was still fun.

Tuesday 10/23/2007
Name: Gerri (Henneinke) Habitz habitzg@sbcglobal.net
Location: Dearborn, Michigan

I flew for Capital around 1955, based in Ypsilanti...for the most part Viscounts to NY
and DC3's and 4's to upper Michigan in my early days.O'nights were in a barracks in the Sou..where
I saw an early morning glimpse of the bare backside of someone who later became an astronaut.He was
leaving the shower, bleary-eyed, as I was leaving the building for ops. Being a shy Hoosier girl, I
didn't have the nerve to whistle or even let him know I was there, until he heard the door close
behind me and saw me walking away.I'm glad I was able to fly at a time when it was still fun.

Sunday 10/21/2007
Name: Jane Curtin Baum jaenbaum@juno.com
Location: PA

It's great to see the Capital Airlines pictures,brings back many memories.
I was in the next to last Capital stewardess class before the UAL merger, based in DCA.
Retired from UAL in 1973. Still have all my wings. It was a great time of my life.

Monday 10/15/2007 6:28:59pm
Name: Mike Doyle michadoy@aol.com Location: Chicago,IL

Great Stuff. Thanks for allthe work.

Sunday 10/14/2007 6:30:00pm
Name: Joe Moses
E-Mail: jmoses8379@aol.com
Location: Cleveland, OH

Comments: (CAPITAL), DCA connie crew, BUFMM, PITMM, ATLMM,(UAL)EWRMM, CLEMM, retired from ORDMM

From: Afraize andrew108@centurytel.net
Subject: Capital Airlines Virtual
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007

Hello Sir;

I hope this finds all is well with you and yours. I would like to express my thanks for your
time and work on the CAPITAL AIRLINES VIRTUAL MUSEUM. Being a fan of Capital Airlines myself
and have spent countless hours going through it again and again looking at all the pics and
reading the articles. I know for a fact that Capital Airlines Memorabilia is very hard to find
so your site is a GOLDMINE.

Some friends and myself are going to start a CAPITAL AIRLINES VA (Virtual Airlines) useing the
Microsoft Flight Simulator system. You can check the progress of the VA at this website as we
progress: www.geocities.com/capvirtual

What I would like is to ask permission from you to eventually put a link to your Museum Page
on our webpage. I would like the guys that join our VA to know as much about the REAL Capital
Airlines as they can plus spread the word about it to any of those that may come visit.

Thanks for your time and consideration on this matter.

Andrew Fraize

Sunday 10/21/2007
Name: Jane Curtin Baum jaenbaum@juno.com
Location: PA

Comments: It's great to see the Capital Airlines pictures,brings back many memories.
I was in the next to last Capital stewardess class before the UAL merger, based in DCA. Retired
from UAL in 1973. Still have all my wings. It was a great time of my life.

Monday 10/15/2007
Name: Mike Doyle michadoy@aol.com
Location: Chicago,IL

Comments: Great Stuff. Thanks for allthe work.

Sunday 10/14/2007 6:30:00pm
Name: Joe Moses jmoses8379@aol.com
Location: Cleveland, OH

Comments: (CAPITAL), DCA connie crew, BUFMM, PITMM, ATLMM,(UAL)EWRMM, CLEMM, retired from ORDMM

Sunday 10/14/2007 2:08:31pm
Name: Gary Kellogg olefogiegbk@aol.com
Location: California

Comments: Started with Capital in Detroit (YIP) in 1954..retired UAL Los Angeles 1999

Sunday 10/14/2007
Name: Francis (Frank) Butts okolehau1@suddenlink.net
Location: Georgetown, TX

Comments: I started my air line career with Capital Air Lines on 9/1/1959 at Chicago's Midway Airport.

Friday 10/12/2007
Name: Jerry Stevens jerste30@msn.com
Location: Williamsville, NY

Comments: Haven't been here for sometime but you keep adding interesting items.

Tuesday 07/24/2007
Name: Jack Van Kleef jvank@bellsouth .net

Comments: I went to work for Capital in Aug 1956 and was a flight instructor from june 1961
to Nov 1967 retired in Dec 1986

From: Herman De Wulf herman.dewulf@skynet.be
Subject: Capital
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007

You have an interesting site about Capital Airlines.

I couldn?t find any pictures of the DC-3S or Super DC-3. Capital Airlines was the only airline
to order and operate the DC-successor. That was in 1950. The airline was very pleased with the
increased performance but operated them only until 1952. All three were sold to US Steel which
converted the airliners to executive configuration. They continued flying well into the Sixties.
Most Super DC-3s built were used by the USAF, the US Navy and the Marine Corps as C-117. Capital
was the only airline ever to operate them.

Yours sincerely

Herman De Wulf
Merchtem, Belgium

From: Russ Farris radiodaze@comporium.net
Subject: Capital correction
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007

Gary, great web site on Capital Airlines! It's a shame the Capital Association is no more...
I guess my uncle's airline(National) and the Buccaneers can't be far behind.

One correction, though. The pictures of wreckage attributed to the DC-3 training accident in
1957 are actually that of Capital flight 410, a DC-4 that crashed in 1947, also listed on your
site. I visited the location in 1996 and 1999, and wrote a feature article for "Airliners" in
1997 that has many of the same pictures, including the engine. Today, a house directly adjoins
the debris field on Lookout Rock.

Thanks for keeping America's airline history alive.

Captain Russ Farris,
US Airways

From: Richard Davis sabrejets@hughes.net
Subject: Capital
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007

Just checking in.
Richard Davis #89815
Hired 7/19/57 as F/O
Retired 5/19/92

George Trombulak georgetrombulak@comcast.net
Subject: Send me mail
Date: Fri, 18 May 2007

I started with Capital Airlines, in Pittsburgh PA on April 6, 1941

From: Paul J Cord - pjcord@juno.com
Subject: Old Capital Man.
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007

Great web site. I will pass this along to some of my Capital friends. I
was a Capital mechanic from 11/04/1955 in Washington D.C. until Sept.
1968 moved on to O'hare, Chicago, IL. and retired in Jan. 1993.

From: PRCORRIGAN@aol.com
Subject: Hi again
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2007

Hi Gary, I was wondering if any one knows what ever happened to all the old
Capital aircraft that was stored on the grounds of the old Mia (FL) airport,
back in the early 60's? Some how all those airplanes disappeared when the
new airport was built. Other airlines may have stored aircraft there as well,
don't remember that? Many thanks, Rosie Seefried Corrigan Cap/UAL stewardess

From: Ralph E.Loffert - ralphelectra225@yahoo.com
Subject: Capital Airlines
Date: Sat. 27, 2006
Location: Grand Island N.Y.


From: "CLOID SMITH" - crbb1924@msn.com
Subject: Capital Airlines
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006

Thanks for your work on the Capital Web. I was employed by PCA on 7/1/43, retired from UAL on 5/1/84.
I was hired in DCA & retired in DCA In between I worked 20 yrs at PHF as mgr., then to BWI before returning to DCA.

C. R. Smith

From: mu2pilotva@aol.com
Subject: Just a note
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006

I began my airline career at PHF on 2 Jan 59, and have many fond memories of those days, and the many friends that I had the pleasure to meet thru the years...... Station agent, Flight dispatch clerk at DCA, reservations agent in hanger 3 at DCA, Senior ramp agent at DCA, Then returned to PHF.....In Mar 1961, before the merger.....we had some good times then.

From: Nwrankin@aol.com
Subject: Capital Airlines
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006

Gary, Both my wife and I were deadheading crew members on Capital Airlines Connie Flt.983 landing Charleston, Wva on May 12 1959. Her name Rae C. Rudman Rankin. Ned W. Rankin Jr. age 75 retired UAL


From: ZIOVINCI@aol.com
Subject: Hi
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 16:30:20 EDT

Thanks for Capital Airlines history. Enjoyed. My starting date was 5/31/43. Many years ago.

Vincent Di Felice

From: Mph86mab@aol.com
Subject: Alumni
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006

My name is Margy Pasley Hawkins. My father is Ret. Capt. Ralph L. Pasley. He began flying for Capitol in 1945. My mother is Marilyn Dates Pasley - also an alumni of Capitol.

Please let me know what they could do to get an email.


From: "Anne Smith" - airrn@hotmail.com
Subject: Capital Airlines
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006

Just happened across your website on good old Capitlal Airlines, what fond memories. I started my flying career as a flight attendant (hostess) back in 1958 and can you believe I am still flying. I have a few memorabilia left from those days that I would like to send to you, most of what I had was lost in a house fire so I'd like someone to have what is left that could use it. I did'nt see any info on the gals that I flew with, only saw mention of Patricia Banks who was the 1st colored stewardess and I had her on her first flight when she was met on her first layover and taken to a separate hotel from the rest of the crew. Let me know if you would like to have the few things I have left. I now fly International so have gone from the DC3 to 747.

Sincerely Pat McCahill-Smith airrn@hotmail.com

From: Heare.Steve@epamail.epa.gov
Subject: PCA lore
Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2006

Hi Gary -- Recently discovered your site and am totally fascinated by it. My Mom Janet Grimm (later Janet Heare) was a PCA "hostess" around 1940. She used to tell me stories about being one of only 13 hostesses on the line, and of some of her adventures flying in those days. She flew in Boeing 247's and DC-3's. She was based in DC and her regular crew was Capt Scroggins who was killed in the accident near Lovettsville VA. She would have been on that flight but for having been asked to swap trips with the hostess who died on that flight. I've often wondered how she felt about that, but Mom's been dead a long time and she told me all these stories when I was a little kid. I have a picture of her standing in the doorway of a DC-3 which I'll dig out, scan and send your way if you'd be interested.
(see- http://baesel.com/pca/mom-pca.htm)

Thanks for a great website!!


Hi Gary - Here's the shot. On the back it says "Miss Janet Grimm (her maiden name) of Detroit (she did not live in Detroit) PCA Stewardess" It was processed at Peoples Drug Store on June 17th 1940. As I mentioned she was scheduled with her regular crew, Capt. Scroggins for PCA #19 on August 31st, 1940. She told me a friend asked her to switch trips with her because she had a date. PCA #19 left the old Hoover Airport in DC and crashed in a thunderstorm near Lovettsville VA about 20 minutes later. By the following March she was employed by the British Air Comission in Washington so her flying days were over. Don't know if the loss of her friends and her own near miss had anything to do with her leaving PCA (and apparently getting rid of any of her PCA things... this picture is all I've ever found)... she never said. She did tell me stories of her flying days when I was a kid... mostly funny ones about Capt. Scroggins (of whom she was very fond) but never anything about why she quit flying. Anyway it's an interesting bit of family history. Hope you enjoy the picture and thanks again for the terrific website.
Steve Heare

From: PRCORRIGAN@aol.com
Subject: Loved the site!
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006

Hi, I'm a former Capital stewardess, 6/59- 2/60 based in Pit, 2/60-8/61 based in Mia. Loved this site, a real trip down memory lane for me! Saw Captain Mel Garlow on the site. I had the pleasure of meeting him and his wife Mary, also a former Capital stewardess, a few years back in Sarasota, FL.

Please tell me a bit about the Alumni Association, where and when it meets, cost to join, etc.

Keep up the good work with this site and know that many of us appreciate all your efforts on our behalf.

Thank you, Rosie Seefried Corrigan


Small world, Gary! You were in Mia about the same time as me. I don't specifically recall the Cle boys parties but I dated a couple fellows who were in Mia from Cle, Jim Nichols was one and the other one's first name was Bob, can't remember his last name. Bob married a Cap stew, Kathy. I remember our crew scheduler, Guy O'Rear and a couple pilots I remember are, Faye Downing and the 'Bear' Fairchild. Patty White and Barbara Rhodes, both from Pit were a couple of my roomates. I flew a lot of trips with Mary Weis. Wow, the names of many of the folks are escaping me at the moment...senior moments!

Yes, feel free to use my email on your site.

I flew the 6's, Mia-Buf for the most part. I worked the jet one month and that was to much like work, so went back to the shakes, rattles and rolls of the 6's.....the ones leased from Pan AM. Liked that 3 on, 4 off deal! Flying every day, up and back was a bit much for me. Flying during the merger was something I never quite got used to. I knew once the 6 mo freeze of bases was over, I would surely get booted out of Mia- UAL seniority! Two years seniority was decent for Cap but a no way with UAL. And I had no intentions of flying reserve again out of NY or CHI! What position did you work in Mia?

So sad that the Alumni Assoc is no longer. I never knew there was one. I have been a member of Clipped Wings, the UAL former stew group. Here in Sarasota, we had a group for all former stews but it too is just a get together occasionally type thing. Gee, life changes and sometimes not always for the best, huh?

We used to show Paint horses and in our travels, we met Dale Fell and his wife, both former Cap, pilot and stew. Dale was President of the APHA (American Paint Horse Assoc) at the time and my hubby was a director from FL. The horses has become a past life for us too!

Enough of my ramblings for this session. Must turn my attention to Father's Day dinner.

Happy Father's Day, Rosie

From: jimmyaud@sbcglobal.net
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2006

Hello, how nice to be able to connect with Capital people. A long time ago I went on line to review the history of Capital Airlines and there wasn't much to read. Yesterday, when I surfed, there was your website. Thank you so much.

Most of the day was spent linking into everything and reliving some of the best years and times of my life. In the fall of 1954 I rejected Trans Texas Airlines because of the silly cowgirl uniforms. Imagine, fringed skirts, cowboy hats and boots! And Braniff had those horrible colors, so when I saw the Capital Airlines uniform I was sold. Capital put me on the Capitaliner Desk in Chicago, on State Street across from the Palmer House until I was a little older..

This was a big thing for a girl from a small town in Minnesota. I loved it. Then, on my first time off I flew on the Constellation to California to say good bye to my high school boyfriend Jim. He left for the Marines and we didn't see each other for 50 years. The Jimmy you see in my email address is the same Jimmy. We met 50 years later at a class reunion and married soon after. But, the trip on the Constellation convinced me I needed to be in "inflight" as soon as I could.

I very much resent giving my hat with the wings to another stewardess when I left. In fact, I wish I still had the whole uniform. I remember that we were all like cookie-cutter dolls. Same height, weight and the haircuts were required and short.

But the memories are wonderful. Especially when we carried the Green Bay Packers and Vince Lombardi to Green Bay. And when Capital brought the fabulous Viscount to the industry. I even lost money on that stock. And the various celebrities like Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Mrs. FDR and Judy Garland. made some of the flights so exciting.

As the crew passed through terminals we would often get questions from young girls who wanted to know about the airlines as a career. Then, in 1986 I put a uniform on with Continental and flew ten years. There can be NO comparison as to what it was like then and now. Worlds apart.

My scrapbook, filled with pictures and sometimes autographs, was destroyed in a house fire years ago. I didn't realize until now how much I would miss them. So, Gary, I was so grateful for the pictures I was able to copy from the website. Many thanks. Many many thanks. How grateful I am for the memories.

Audree Arneson Longtin

P.S. Oh, what I wouldn't give to relive those days with Capital Airlines. Where is Captain Bill Wing? Great memories there.

From: "Miriam Noonan" mmntroy@yahoo.com
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006

Gary, you are terrific. Found your site today, quite by accident as I was looking for the now defunct Capital Airlines Association. I was nearly in tears sitting here at a library computer and seeing part of my life brought to life.
I was a Capital reservations agent in New Orleans for nearly a year in 1957, became a hostess and flew out of Buffalo and DC until shortly after United took over in 1961. I've always considered those years some of the best.... loved every person I ever met who wore the Capital uniform, a great family. thanks for the gift.
Gary, I'm sure you know this, but there are Capital people out there. I just bid on a pin at ebay. I tried e-mailing through your site, but the library computer system doesn't have a connection established there.
Just wondering whether you hear regularly from Capital folk. I do know a couple I've kept in touch with and plan to let them know your site exists. I love it.

Thanks so much.
Miriam Noonan - Capital Alum

From: Joancfoote@aol.com
Subject: Capital Website
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006

What a fantastic website -- and I came across it quite by accident. No time to view it all today but I'll be back at it soon. You've made a GREAT contribution to the cause!

Joan Carmichael Foote

From: EMeyerCompany@aol.com
Subject: Add name to list of ex-Capital employees
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 13:23:02 EST

Please add my name - Ed Meyer, CLE ramp, 1952 - 1957, then to DCA Hq as
budget analyst and marketing research manager, Sales and Marketing Dept.
Went to TWA, then into the advertising business working on the Eastern,
National, TWA, British Airways, and Flying Tigers accounts (NYC, LA, and MIA).
Owe career to Capital. Living on Key Biscayne, FL., last 20 years.
(brother of Dave Meyer, retired CAP/UAL)

From: "Linda Abbott" - linda.abbott@branchhill.net
Subject: Capital Airlines
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006

My name is Linda Sewell Abbott, daughter of Captain Wm. Ralph Sewell.
My sweet Dad passed away in December, 2005. We are in the process
of settling his estate and have come across many airplane photos, posters, models, etc. Most of the posters and other papers are very old and pretty fragile.Unfortunately this is time sensitive as the estate sale is this weekend. I can pull most of the items out if you could let me know the kinds of things you are interested in. It may be quicker to call me at > 301-540-9962 to discuss in greater detail. I apologize for the short lead-time and hope you receive this tonight.

Linda Sewell Abbott

From: "Ilse Hays" ikhays@yahoo.com
Subject: Would like to add my Dad
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006

I would like to add my Dad to your Alumni list. His name is Woodson Hays
and he started working for Capital Airlines in 1949 and retired from
United in 1990.
My email is ange@adelphia.net
Please feel free to get in touch if you require any other information!
best regards,
Andy Hays

From: "Buc Fan" ymnowak@ij.net
Subject: from yvonne nowak
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006

hi. my neighbor, Gene Tunitis used to be a pilot trainer for Capital Airlines.
he told me about the airlines and i decided to see if there was a website for
it. i will let my neighbor Gene know. do you have a record of him as a pilot?
Yvonne Nowak ymnowak@ij.net

From: "Joe Westcoat" - lookingback@hotmail.com
Date: Sun, 01 Jan 2006

I was with Capital Airlines from about Dec/1955 till April/1967.
Then i went to work on MRS Majorie Merriweather Post Viscount.
Worked engine change crew and overhaul at Capital.
Glad to hear there are some old timers still out there.
Miss the yearly get together.
Retired from Dowty Aerospace in Sterling,VA

Joe Westcoat
13 West Sharon Dr.
Boyce,VA 22620

From: deelape@msn.com
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005

i am old mech who started with capital 1954 in dca till the merger
bid denver after the merger retired 89 moved oregon 91 voluntered at
evergreen aviation museum we put howard hughes flying boat together
2000 we have restored others where is your museum

jim lape@msn.com

From: bobandmarge@comcast.net
Subject: Last Capital Reunion
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005

We received a link to your site from Dale Harper. We very much enjoyed it.
My wife, Marge Falanga McCausland, was a Capital flight attendant from 1956
until the merger. We have posted a set of pictures from the last Capital

      Bob and Marg McCausland

From: Iwjazz1000@aol.com
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005

NAME Irwin Weinberg
Dates Worked----Dec 04 1957-----Through merger and retirement and close of NYCRR (LAST DAY)
I have some of the early Shields dealing with the merger right from the first one to the very
last one issued before the paper newsletter came out.

Irwin Weinberg
9807 Pavarotti Terrace # 104
Boynton Beach, FL 33437-5323

From: "Richard Washington" washingd@adelphia.net
Subject: alumni = Dick Washington
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005

My father worked for Capital through most of the fifties until United took over
in 61. He worked nightshift line maintenance in DCA all but the last year or
two when he was transferred to the planning dept. Not sure what he did there,
but he had better stories from the shop.
I don't know if there is anyone left who would remember him, but he is in an
assisted living facility in Idaho and would love to hear from old coworkers.

Thank you
Richard Washington

Subject: Capital Hostess 58 - 60
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005

What a fun site. It was sent to me by Dick "Cono" Borelli who was a squadron buddy of my husbands when they were jet fighter pilots in the Marine Corps. I was based in Pittsburg and New Orleans and have a few pictures of some Capital events. One is of me promoting the first Tampa non stop to New York. Later I was told I was the first "Miss Citrus". If I remember right it was a joint promotion between the Florida Citrus Growers and Capital. Send me a snail mail address and I'll have a copy made for you if you are interested. Rory Bowring

Note - If anyone knows Rory, advise her I could not answer as her e-mail address is blocked.

From: Richard Temple richard.b.temple@verizon.net
Date: 11 Oct 2005




From: Dothanone@msn.com
Subject: Former Pilot for Capital
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005

Hi , My name is John Gary and I have a friend who was a Capital Pilot years ago .His name is Dale Miller from Dothan, Ala., he is about 80 now, he was flying out of Washington for Capital in the 50's. Would love to hear from someone up there that might have known him. He is originally from Ind. or Ill. Not sure . Dale was an Instructor Pilot at Ft. Rucker , Ala.

From: HolbrookDuffer@aol.com
Subject: capital
Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2005

hello Gary,
just found your site, and wow is it great. I was hired by Capital Oct 30 1959 at DCA. started on the ramp loading DC3s,DC4, Connies. Then the Viscount, a great time in my life. looking forward to reading and remembering

From: fevedene@webtv.net
Subject: PCA
Date: 7Oct2005

Arthur Reveillac, hired in July 17 1946,     Retired from UAL in May 1973. It was a good ride and travled the world. I enjoyed working as a mechanic.

From: Langosh5@aol.com
Subject: Capital and related photos and memorabilia
Date: 7Oct2005

Dear Gary,
These brought back wonderful memories.
Thank you,
Naomi Langosh (surviving spouse of Harry Langosh Penn Central, PCA, Capital and United Airlines pilot)

From: MSSevilla@webtv.net
Subject: Memories
Date: 7Oct2005

It was great receiving this from Julius Schneider. It really brought back memories of my hostess days from 1948 to 63 when I went into outside sales in NYC. If I come across anything of interest I'll contact you. Thx-Marge

From: jaime krapf jaime747@houston.rr.com
Subject: Thanks
Date: 6Oct2005
Thank you for the great web site.
Jaime Krapf.

From: ZIOVINCI@aol.com
Subject: Capital history
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005


From: march29@cox.net
Subject: news
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005

chuck dombrowsky,dcamm, 4-29-46 to 8-1-84 nice memories really good

From: JMoses8379@aol.com
Subject: Hi
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005

Nice job. I started in DCA on the Connie Crew, Hgr 5. From there to BUFMM . Laid off in FEB before merger. Three months in PITMM and three months ATLMM. Then to EWRMM and next CLEMM
Last four years at ORDMM and out the door in FEB 93. I think I had a great career. I got paid to climb around airplanes.

Joe Moses

From: VICTORIA ADAMITIS - VICTORIA@hline.aps.k12.co.us>
Subject: your site
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005

Your site is amazing! My father worked for PCA & Capital.

Victoria Adamitis

From: Almassy, Richard - richard.almassy@boeing.com>
Subject: Capital Airlines
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005

My father was the Supervisor of Maintenance Training for Capital at DCA
from 1948 until 1966 when he was transferred to SFO. His name was E.J.
"Al" Almassy. My father-in-law was Director of Maintenance Training. His
name was Ralph Hoffmaster. They both worked for Butch Raymond. Ralph was
instrumental in getting the Viscount out of the United boneyard in
Tracy, CA., getting it restored to the Capital livery, and displaying it
at Mid Atlantic Airport. I remember as a pre-schooler being able to ride
along with my Dad on maintenance and ferry flights on DC-4s and 6s. I
also remember both Dad and Ralph being gone my entire first year in
school while they were in England learning about jet powered aircraft
and how to maintain them. When they got back to the US, they help the
C.A.B. establish the maintenance standards and procedures for jet
engines. Talk about big fish in little ponds, Dad was only 33 when
Capital purchased the Viscount and he and Ralph wrote the company
standards for maintaining the Rolls Royce Dart engine. Perhaps you ran
across the two of them during your employment with Capital?

Richard Almassy
Program Manager
Advanced Airlift & Tanker Systems
The Boeing Company
5301 Bolsa Ave. MC H013-A317
Huntington beach CA 92647-2099
Tel: 714-896-1330
Fax: 714-896-1349

Wednesday 07/20/2005
From: Wallace (Wally) E. Tabor
Guntersville, Alabama

By the appearance of the Viscount, your site has to do with Capital Airlines.
I worked for Capital Airlines October 1951 to December, 1952, Ramp Agent,
DCA. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Gilbert Willis? Ray Griffiths,
Husband of Liz Griffiths?
Wally Tabor

From: Xualret@aol.com
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2005

Hi Gary B,
Bob Adams x CLE ops and x MIATR passed away earlier this year 2005 in SE FLA.
Don Peterman x CLETR & DENTR passed away in Denver Apr-2005.
Both Bob & Don were retired. Both worked for Capital Airlines & retired UAL.
........and, Jim Nichols just moved Miami,FLA to Arkansas. Mar-2005. Bye, Dave Meyer

From: Jack_Snyder Jack_Snyder@styrene.org
Subject: A question I hope you might answer
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005

Dear Gary,
I just discovered you site this morning, and have really enjoyed looking at
it. Excellent job!!

I found it trying to search for information about what equipment Capital
used back in early 1959, and thought you might be the one to help me.

My second plane ride, at age 3, was on Capital from Memphis to Washington,
DC, in the first week of January 1959 (we had flown down on American, but
changed to Capital for the return due to a pilots strike). I remember the
flight pretty vividly, and have always had the reasonably-certain notion
that we were on a Viscount, as I have strong recollections of the big,
round door and round windows (as opposed to the American flight, which I'm
pretty sure was a DC7). However, I've always been curious if it could have
been a Constellation instead, given that I think Capitol had Connies that
had both round doors and round windows. My recollections from that age
don't include the details of the tail configuration, which would have been
the obvious giveaway.
Do you know, or have a schedule that might tell you, what sort of equipment
Capital would have used for that route at that time? There's certainly no
rush to my request, but if you have a chance to check on it, I would be
extremely grateful.
Again, thanks for a very enjoyable site!
Jack Snyder
Arlington, VA

From: Roger Merrill roger@nostalgialane.com
Subject: My Memory of Capital
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005

    My name is Roger Merrill. I just wanted you to know what a great web site
you have here! It is totally enjoyable, and kept my interest.

    When I was about 7 years old, (around 1960) my Father traveled extensively.
I remember my Mom, Brother and I would pick him up at the Toledo Express Airport.
He usually came in on a United Airlines DC-6B which I believe was Flight number 409.
I also remember a Capital Airlines Viscount landing before his flight. I was always out
there, right at the chain link fence. Because of this, the Viscount was always one
of my favorite planes....and Capital was the only livery for me.

    I wish I could have experienced flying in some of the old planes. My wish
list would have included a Lockheed L-188, a Viscount, a DC-3, a DC-6 or 7, a
Constellation and a Stratocruiser.

    Now, as I am about to turn 52 years old, those early memories mean a great
deal. Thanks again for this web site. Keep up the good work. I will be a regular visitor.
Roger Merrill

From: Greg Pochapsky pochapsky@peoplepc.com
Date: 13 Mar 2005

I'm a captain with American/TWA/Ozark (31 + year of service) and have been a
fan since I was a boy in CLE and rode from DCA to CLE on a Capital DC-4. My
wife is a Delta flight attendant (35 year of service) and her first airplane
ride was on Capital. In our family room we proudly display a Capital Airline
Junior Hostess certificate she was given in the mid 1950's. It is signed by M.
Hritsik (pilot) and hostess Margie Compton. Were thought you might know if
these folks are on any Capital roster and if they can be contacted. We would
like to thank them for their kindness some 50 years ago and for the inspiration
which started my wife on her career path.
Thank you,
Greg Pochapsky

From: Amy Tappe amytappe@cox.net
Subject: Capital Airlines
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005

I happened upon your Capital Airlines site and was thrilled to explore all of the
links of info and history.

My Grandfather, Edward A. Tappe, had been a Captain for Pennsylvania Central
Airlines, Capital Airlines and then eventually for United Airlines. Time
magazine interviewed him for a story in their June 4, 1956 edition regarding
a flight he was Captain of with Capital and there was a "Live Polio Virus"
that had leaked out of a crate on his plane and they had to have a double
dose of gamma globulin and a dose of polio vaccine and disenfect the aircraft.
It turned out to be very serious as it was a 10 Quart jug of the live polio
virus and was the Mahoney strain of the virus which causes the most paralysis.

It's interesting because I wasn't able to see my Grandfather much due to the
fact I live in California and he was in Maryland. I only knew bits and pieces
of his aviation history told to me by my Father. But since my Grandfather passed
away in the year 2000, I have slowly been trying to learn more. I now have a
bunch of his memorabillia and old letters he wrote to my Father with specific
information, including his flights as civilian pilot for Pennsylvania Central
Airlines where the airlines had contracts with the War Department to fly military
personnel and cargo to and from military throughout the country and eventually
were told to wear U.S. Air Force uniforms but with Central insignia's, to give
them some military status while they were flying these trips.

I also have a metal plate that he kept as a souvenir from a Capital Airlines main
entrance door jam. The following is that he wrote in a letter to my Father
when giving that plate to him to keep.

"When Captial Airlines bought 75 Vickers Viscount four-engine turboprop aircraft,
Type 745D, equipped with Rolls Royce engines, each aircraft had a metal plate
installed on the jam just inside the main entrance door, giving the name of the
Manufacturer, the Aircraft name and type, the Manufacturer's serial number for
that particular aircraft and the FAA Type Certificate. After United Airlines
bought out Capital Airlines in 1960 and the aircraft were repainted with United's
name and logo, all of these identification plates were removed from the aircraft
and for some reason, discarded. I salvaged one of these plates from the scrap barrel
as a souvenir. I had hundreds of flights in Serial No. 137."

Well, I thought I would share a little bit about my Grandfather and say thankyou
for having such a great site on Capital Airlines. I am learning more and more each
day about this wonderful man and Captain of some fine airlines.

Thank you again for having such a wonderful web site. I feel fortunate to have
come across it to learn more of the history of the great people associated with
Take care,
Amy Tappe

From: "Jim Zarek" jzarek1@msn.com
Subject: Capital
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2005

I started for Capital in MKE Nov11, 1959 on the ramp. Then worked
MKERR for about 10 mos. with Jane Parker. Back to MKEOO as a gate
agent till the merger. Then UA as ramp serviceman till about 1963 or
64 when I transferred to MIACS for about a year. Then to ORDOO
as load planner till about 1967. Then ORDCS with a short time in ORDDD
with Moose Malm and a bunch of Capital guys.Back to ORDCS where I worked
till 1998 when I retired on Sep 1st. Never as much fun as working for Capital
at 1.98 per hours.
I sent all my Capital items to Bob Herman in CAK. I will check out your web
site and look around for any Capital "stuff".
Post my email address as I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
I live in Apache Junction AZ most of the time.

Monday 01/03/2005 jerste130@aol.com

Gerald R. (Jerry) Stevens Location: Worked MBS, FNT, YIP
Great web site, I have some pictures and will get them to you in a day or so.
Most I had sent to Bud Ruddy and think you have a few of them.
Gerald R. (Jerry) Stevens

From: Riain Patrick McBride
Subject: I started with Capital
Wed. 01Dec2004

Gary, I was a ramp-rat as a kid and hung out at MKE. My Dad (Bob) and
brother (Jack) both worked for Capital. My Dad was career, worked from '43
until the merger when he went with UAL. This site is terrific and has brought
back many memories. I'm sorry that I lost all of my memorabilia, otherwise
I'd give it to you to display. Keep up the great work.

From: "Ron Ouimette
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004

Hi Gary:
Just thought I'd let you hear from a Capital retiree. I started with Capital
as a A&P mechanic in March of 1956. I retired from United out of San Francisco
about 10 years ago. I still remember the loyalty that former Capital employees
brought to United with the merger. I started in D.C. went to Memphis for about
9 mo. Returned to D.C. and the line for 57 and 58. I bid Msp in 59 and was there
for almost 18yrs. I worked for Braniff for about 9 mo. then came back. Was laid
off when MSP was cut out as a maint. Station in 1975.
I was never able to find the spirit of a Capital employee with United people.?????
I can never forget Capital
Ron Ouimette

From: "Ron Ehrich" ronehrich@sbcglobal.net
Subject: Re: Capital page
Date: Sat. 13 Nov 2004

Hello Gary,
Really enjoyed your Capital Airlines web site. I became a fan of Capital at
the age 6 at the end of capital's history while visiting Buffalo's Airport. It
was the screaming darts on those bright red and white Viscounts that got
my attention and made me a life long aviation buff. I also was lucky enough
to fly in Viscounts 4 times in United colors between Allentown and Detroit
(flt 639) before their retirement. I now have an area in my home dedicated
to various Capital items that I have collected over the years. I had the
ultimate enjoyment that any fan of Capital could ever have
visiting the Mid-Atlantic Air museum and having my picture taken next to their
Viscount. It was like a time travel fantasy. Interestingly , back at Buffalo, I
remember the planes that arrived with the new logo and thinking they were
something owned by C.B.S. as the logo was similar to theirs. Also, in the issue
of the Mainliner Magazine that deals with the merger is the only picture I've
ever seen with a Viscount in final colors. Anyway, I have been on a search for
years to find a framable copy of a picture you have on your web site and wanted
to know if there is a way to purchase a copy? It is the Comet in Capital colors in
section donated by Don Gaydos. It would be the perfect mate to the picture I
purchased last year off Ebay of the CV880 in Capital colors. I saw the Comet
picture in a book one time and it listed credit as United Airlines Archives, when
I tried to acquire through them, I hit a dead end. If you can sell an 8 X 10 copy of
that, please let me know.
Thanks and again, really enjoyed your web site,
Ron Ehrich

From: Julie Franklin, George Franklin
Subject: Capital Alum
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004
We're having lunch Friday (10/1) with Capt. Ralph Sewell, featured in
one of your photos.
Good website. We've really enjoyed browsing it tonight.
    George Franklin (son of James B. Franklin)

From: Dave Meyer
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004

Sept 23,
I attended the FINAL Capital Airlines Picnic-Reunion in DCA on Sept
19, 2004.
Capital Airlines went out of business June 1, 1961.
There were 600 people there on a beautiful weather day in Washington,
D.C. park by the Potomac. Got to see some people i haven't seen since the
One guy drove his 1958 Desoto car (all Capital red) with a
hood (ornament lo49 Connie).
The Capital Airline association (directors) organized a class event &
went out in style.
        ...... Thanks for the Memories - Capital Airlines.......................
    Dave Meyer

[from Bob Kern Aug. 11, 2004]
To: gary_b
Subject: Paul Buckland
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2004

Re: Paul Buckland
  I should have known - He is back in Florida- has been there for
10 years. I finally put my mind to finding him. Thank goodness for the
Internet and knowing a little of his history.
  He left UAL in 1962 and was mostly in the Northern Ohio area for
many years. We talked on the phone for a couple of hours. You want to
know more or want to contact him for any reason his address and phone
number follow. He is not Internet savvy in any way. With his permission,

Paul Buckland
    520 A SW 5th Av
    Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

Robert Kern, EA

from Dave Meyer
Aug. 11, 2004
To: garyb@pacbell.net

Hi G.B.
Guess who mailed me a letter yesterday ?
Caliope Polimus
.. She didn't have much to say, but she does
remember the 1959-60 MIARR group.
She says she remembers me & invited me to
a United Airlines get together
30Sept30 in Davie, Florida (thats near
Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale).They must have
a yearly party.
Caliope Polimus phone no. 305-661-8908
3242 SW 58th Ave.
Miami, Florida 33155

    Bye, Dave Meyer

To: gary_b
Subject: Question
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004

Hi Gary,
I am Charles Colaianni, Jr. My father was Charles Colaianni Sr.
He was the Chief Radio Operator at PIT.
He went by Chas or Chuck. Did you know him?
    Thank you,
    Chuck, Jr

Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004
From: airwaysgifts@juno.com
Subject: wonderful!

Dear Gary,
A friend told me about your site. It is truly wonderful....
When I was a boy I used to ride my bike out to ORD and take pictures
of CA airplanes. There was a ticket counter agent there by the name of "Mr
Walker" who would take us into the DC4s that layed over for a few hours.
Of course this was a thrill for 11 year olds!
When I was 12 years old, my first airplane ride was MDW/GRR on a CA
We were suppose to come back on a Viscount, but there was an equipment sub
that day. I can still remember the Clarks Teaberry gum we had in the ticket
I now have 42 years in the airline business starting at NC and ending
up at NW.
I have a part time business that celebrates the airlines mostly before
1978. Please look it over, I am very proud of it.
Thanks for the great site you have. I will pass it on to my collector
    Keith Oberg
    Airways Gifts/North Central Airlines

From: JoanMajewski@aol.com
Subject: capital airlines
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003 09:58:04 EDT

Hi Gary We are alumni . Joan Cavaluchi,Majewski 1957 - 1960
Jim Majewski 1953-1969 (Cap & UAL)
We met at a Union Meeting in 58 dated, and were married Aug.8 1959 and
the rest is history and a wonderful journey thru time, 44 years,
2 sons and 4grandsons and 1 grandaughter.
With God as the center of our life we are still "flying high" and
enjoying retirement in Avon, Ohio "Avenbury Lakes" community.
Thanx for doing this Joan and I are enjoying this trip thru memory
lane, on this 4th of July . God Bless America and all our friends
from Capital They were the best!!!!!!!!
Jim and Joan.

From - Clayton Sitarz
Subject: Emailing:
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004

Dear Gary,
I love your web site. Here are some pictures of Capital Airlines in Milwaukee.
My Dad, Eugene Sitarz, worked for Capital about sixteen years. I hope you and
all the people that visit your web site will enjoy this as much as I do. The picture
of Slim Carmichael is with Eugene Sitarz, John and Jane Packer. It was taken in
Washington, DC, in July of 1959.
The pictures of the DC3 is at the old Mitchell Field in Milwaukee that also is
Eugene and John. I will be sending you more attachments this evening.
I hope to hear from you soon.
    Clayton Sitarz MKE

From - Don Gaydos
Subject: Re: Capital
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004

My name is Don Gaydos. Don Collins sent me an email and told me to
check out your site. All I can say is it's fantastic. I was hired by
Capital in 1956 and after training at The Willard Hotel in DCA was
sent to BUF where I stayed until I retired in 1992. I started at the
airport then went to the CTO at the Statler Hotel then to the Ticket
Service Center and back to the airport where I stayed until
retirement. George Russell was a Sales Rep in BUF and he started with
PCA. When he retired, he gave me some photos of planes. I'll email you
some of them and you can determine if you want them. Thru the years I
collected a lot of airline memorabilia. It may take me a while to get
everything together but I'll get ot done eventually. In the meantime
I'm going to spend a lot of time checking out your website.

From: Nnhs65rls@aol.com
To: gary_b@coolsite.net
Subject: Capital Site
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003

I am extremely exicted to find your Capital Air Lines web site. I build and (attempt)
to fly radio controlled model aircraft. I have never built a multi engine plane
before and have decided for my "winter" project to construct a DC-3 and mark it to
look like the ones I used to watch arriving and departing Patrick Henry Field here in
Newport News.
I also was interested in reading the crash reports, particularly the one relating to the
Charles City accident as I remember that, even though I was only 12 at the time, and
I also have a friend whose aunt was a passenger on that flight. Again, thanks for the
wonderful site. If my project turns out well and you would like, I will e-mail you a
photo of the completed project.

Sincerely, Ron Smith

From: "Richard McGarry" mcgarryrg@appstate.edu
Subject: Great Site
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003

Great site!!! My father (R. G. "Dick" McGarry) worked for Capital
for many years as agent at DCA, senior agent in Charlotte, district
manager in Toledo and station manager in Jacksonville. I remember
the airline very fondly. I proudly wear my father's 5-year pin on my
suit coat lapel. In fact, he earned that pin in 1953, the year I was
born, and gave it to me shortly before his death in 1997. Thank you
again for honoring the many loyal men and women who worked for such a
proud company.

Richard McGarry

From - Jim Nichol
Subject: Hi guy
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003

Hi Gary ?.really enjoyed ur website on Capital pix etc???will send the info to
Bob Pierson who still works for Delta as a flt dispatcher in Atl ?.After Capital
he worked for National then PAA & finally Delta??..I,m still living in Mia 6
Months & Breckenridge Colo the other 6??? got back fm 2 Mo of
skiing Mar 28 ?..will head back first week of Jun for the summer??.
  Take care & thx

Dave Meyer remembers CLE -
Subject: Capital Airlines
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003

Gladys (radio operstor CLE) got married to a UA CLE ramp agent.
Jack Preston - i saw him at a CLE lunch in Apr-2000.
Jerry King - i saw him at a CLE lunch in Apr-2000.
Tim Stamper - he quit the airlines & went to work for the FAA (NACA?)
Russ Cormier - he ret UA about 6 years ago & moved to Canada 2 years ago.
Buz (Obra) Puckett - I saw him after he quit UAL. I was going to the Dentist in Lakewood and saw Buz in early 1960's before i moved from CLE for good.
Bob Griffin - he liked people to think that he was a Pilot.
Don Weber - CLE ops, then Dispatcher.I remember him as a good bowler (Berea league).
Jim Kolonick - he & Ginger(CLE UAL TR) quit UAL and moved to Hawaii i think.
Mike Apathy - Ret UAL in MIAFF & moved to Tennessee after Hurricane Andrew.
Rosie Kasparek - She married a guy from American Airlines. She Ret UA2001 lives in CLE.
Ray Trapp - ramp agent Ret UA mid 1980's.
Ed Butler - Wearing his cut off sleeves. Sr/Ramp agent Ret UAL 1985.
RandyMorgan - quit UA. Works on Sundays at CLE Browns football games. Field chain man.
Russ Horning - trans CLE to TPA & Ret Ual. lives in central Fla.
Danny Miller - quit UAL in 1963.
Don Cass - I know he trans from CLETR and was working in MSY in late 1958 or 59.
Ray Bartek - trans CLE to YNG
Bill Bunny - always smiling.
Frank Pregano - CLEMM
Pop Schusman - CLE to BAL
Bob Sobe - CLE retired
Hap Dutton, Carol Kidd, Paul Buckland, Mel Aiken, Red Kukiak ....... ?
saw Ziggy at Capital Airlines DCA Picnic Sept-1999. He lives near PHX, Az.
Frank Kasperski - now lives near Denver Colorado. He worked CLE ramp 1950's.
Don Wilt - looked like a Company President/CEO.
Bob (Pierre) Pierson - CLE Ops. Works for Delta Airlines-ATL.
Larry (Looper) Cummings - CLE Ops. Returned to W. VA. (Injured hip in auto accident).
Toots Gardinia - CLE-ramp - could play the spoons at a Tavern in Berea.
Ted Phalen - CLE TR & Miami-Res. Left UAL to join Sears in 1960s, in Florida.
Don Weindorf - had good weekly Parties at his CLE rent-a-house.
Korky Korkeniowsk - CLE-ramp & CLETR & Miami-Res. Like a mentor to the rookies.
Nancy Carter - CLETR. A classy dresser.
  Dave M

  gone(deceased) as follows:
Jim KolonickNov. 2005
Mike Apathy Oct. 2005
Bob Adams 2005
Don PetermanApr. 2005.
Bob Albright
Ray Majewski
Terry Rooney - died about 3 years ago in intensive care (heart problems),
Ray Trapp Aug. 5, 2003
Korky Korzeniowski, Don Hunter, Pete Schaffer, Woody Woodlewski CLEFF
Ed Mraz, Ray Newman, Don Wilt, Jim Jason, Norm Purcell, Richie Winner
Ed Meyers - he dies of throat cancer many years ago, Bill Brooks - he died many years ago, due to a stroke or heart problem
Al Wessel - he died about 1999
Charlie Jones - (the CLE cleaner) - he ret ual and died about 2 & 1/2 years later
Ted Mack
George Conroy - he died about 25 years ago due to heart problems
Helen Smith
Bob Wiebel and i'm sorry to say he died in 1960s at a young age (about 30) of heart problem.

  In recent years i've only seen Ziggy B. Russ Cormier, John Malenda, and Frank (the maint guy) at the Capital Airlines DCA Picnic. Jim Nichol - i saw him in FLL at a reunion in Oct-2001 for MIA airline people. And, the traveling CLE Softball team. We played in MSY without enough CLE players. Reason: some CLE people stayed on Bourbon Street too long & never made the game.
.... I must say, i had alot of fun working for the Airlines. Especially in the 50s,60s.
.... I'm going to the Capital Airlines DCA Picnic on Sept 7, 2003.
Dave M

And this from Nancy Carter ---
August, 2003 -

Ted Mack died in 1992, his wife Mary Lou is a very good friend of mine. Had
heart problems for a long time.
Don and Sally Weber live in Hawaii on one of the islands and have for quite
a few years

Yes, Kolonicks are in Hawaii.. Here is their e-mail, you might check
w/ them to see if they want it noted on yr site www.kolonick@lava.net

I have always wanted to go to a CAP picnic, but they are always around my
mothers birthday, sep 08 and I always go to N.H. This year she will be 95!!!Her
little body is worn out and frail. Says nobody should live that long, and I think she
is probably right. Her mind is perfect. better than mine!! Everything is an effort for
her.Will stay home for a few weeks and give my sister a rest, Mom is in a home
but Ann visits almost everyday.Just minutes away.

I will send yr letter down to Lloyd. He drove up from CMH for one of our lunches a
few months ago. Wonder if he should be driving or maybe one of his kids drove
him. The traffic on 71 is nuts!

Dear Charlie Jones, He had one son, and made sure he got an education, had a
degree from Bowling Green and was a sales rep. for UAL in D.C.
Charlie was so proud of him.

Seeing Dave's comment about Bob Griffin, I laugh.. Remember Dwa(y)ne Campbell,
anyway he was in down town CLE and had the full uniform on including the hat
back then. Someone took him for CTS bus driver and he was furious.

Then there was a fellow back home that worked for UAL in BOS, in psgr service.
He would wear the whole uniform including the hat and parade up and down
Main St. My Mom questioned it. I couldn't wait to leave it behind! Funny.

  A few tid bits etc.

    September, 2003 - And from Bob Kern ---


Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Was I surprised to see my picture in CLE(9)! And folks I have not seen for almost 45 years let alone remembering the names. I left CLE to TOL sometime after the picture but before the merger. At the merger UAL sent me to LAN for several weeks and while there put in transfer request to CMH. I stayed in CMH until Apr 1964 (with 6 months out for Uncle Sam's army) and put in transfer to SFO. I stayed with UAL until Feb. 1968 and went into business for myself. Most of my clients are UAL folks.

I came to Capital through Paul Buckland. I don't know whatever happened to him? He worked in CLE operations before I got there. He did the MIA winter/summer thing. The last I saw him was a short stint in TOL.

About 15 years ago I was at SAN on a business trip and I heard someone calling my name. It was Russ Cormier (CLE operations). He was standing by for a return to ORD so I did not have much time to talk to him. How he rememberd me after about 30 years, I will never know although I did live at their home the first few months I was in CLE.

Anyway, thanks again. Bob Kern

Robert Kern, EA
PO Box 25210
San Mateo, CA 94402-5210
800-262-5376 x 301 800-886-6348 (Fax)
website www.kerntax.com

Subject: Great Capital Info. Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003

From: W4QXO@aol.com

Gary, didn't know about your website until Bud Ruddy passed the info along to me. I hope you will be at the picnic and will check in with me. I will be on the PA most of the afternoon and would like to meet you.

George Paull July 1940 to Aug 1984 PCA Capital United

Other CLE -

Denny Adams, Sigmund " Ziggy" Butkiewicz, Joe Gannon - quit the airline biz and opened a coctail lounge at Engle and Brookpark Rds., Dwane Campbell, Gene Dickson, Nels Fishbach, Bob Gause, Pat Hall, Dan Harvey, Paul Jakupka, Ned Kenny, Mike Kitanek, Bud LeMasters, Linda Laing, Ralph Loffert, Ray Majewski died Aug. 03, Cap Miller, Steve Nagy, Wilma O'Neil, Ronald Pujolas, Dick Schindlewolf, Ellen Skinner, Ray Trapp - ramp agent ret. died Aug. 5, 2003, Bob Urbin resigned and went to work for Metropolitan Life Ins. Co., Frank Cipalone (sp?) CLE mech., How 'bout - Vera ? (radio operator)

Do you think we know these people??? -

Dwayne Campbell,   215 Yonker St.   Barberton, OH 44203,   (330) 753-7270

Dwayne Campbell,   2039 Thrush Ave.   Fairfield, OH 45014-6051,   (513) 738-1095

Dwayne Campbell,   4213 Honeybrook Ave.,   Randolph, OH 45415,   (937) 454-1379

Bob Gause,   6101 Ridgeview Dr.,   Hanoverton, Winona, OH 44493,   (330) 222-1975

Ted Phalen,   149 Apple Tree Ave.,   Lake Placid, FL 33852,   (863) 465-9623

Ronald Pujolas   3131 W 153rd St.,   Cleveland, OH 44111,   (216) 252-8511

I found the above names doing a internet search, don't know if they are the same that worked for CAP in the 50's-60's

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Audree Arneson Longtin
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Jim Kolonick
Cleveland Plain Dealer - Dec. 3, 2005
JAMES E. "JIM" KOLONICK, beloved husband of Ginger Allen Kolonick;
cherished father of Karen Kolonick, and Michael Anne Rogondino and grandfather
of Drew and Ryan; treasured brother of Gerry Schmucki, Bob Kolonick,
John Kolonick (deceased). Graduate of Our Lady of Angels and St. Edwards High.
Resident of Honolulu, HI, where he founded and was President of Metropolitan
Management. Died of leukemia Nov. 23, 2005 at age 70. Jim lived life, larger
than life! Cards of condolence sent to 1050 Hanohano Way, Honolulu, HI, 9682

Maurice Linehan

Ralph E.Loffert  
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George Paull - July 1940 to Aug 1984 PCA Capital United
April 17, 2007
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I regret to inform you of the death of Mr. George Paull, Chief Dispatcher,
last Sunday evening, April 15, 2007. George had been in 'bad health' for several
years. In 2001 he had a pacemaker installed and in 2005 was diagnosed with
cancer in the esophagus area but was not able to tolerate the chemo treatments;
this subsided for a while but came back a year later.
I talked to George's daughter this evening. George turned 85 on January 12th.
Then in late February he had a mild stroke. He went to the hospital and then
rehab but then she said his systems just started to 'shut down' and was taken
back to the hospital on Thursday, April 12 and died the following Sunday.
Jerry Goebel

Dave Peterson
Hgr 4 DCA, August 6,1956, Retired UAL Dec 31 1991
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Bernard Praven
Jerry Stevens wrote (Aug. 25, 2008) - Noticed you carry Bernard Praven and a email address. Knew of Bud for many years but had never worked with him until a couple of summers good Ole UAL sent us to Syracuse University. We were in a graduate marketing program sponsored by Sales and Marketing Executives, learned a lot but had more fun playing golf, etc. With regret I have to tell you Bud passed away a couple of years ago.

Jack Preston

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UAL Ohio Buckeys Retiree Picnic, July 9, 2003

(pictures courtesy Tom Sturgeon & Nancy Carter)

      CLE Obits as follows:
Bob Adams 2005, Mike Apathy Oct. 2005, Bill Brooks - he died many years ago, due to a stroke or heart problem, George Conroy - he died about 25 years ago due to heart problems, Don Hunter, Jim Jason, Charlie Jones - (the CLE cleaner) - he ret ual and died about 2 & 1/2 years later, Jim Kolonick, Nov. 2005, Korky Korzeniowski, John "Bud" LeMasters - Apr. 7, 2006, Ted Mack, Ray Majewski Aug. 2005, Ed Meyers- he dies of throat cancer many years ago, Ed Mraz, Ray Newman, Don Peterman Apr. 2005, Norm Purcell, Terry Rooney - died about 2000 in intensive care (heart problems), Pete Schaffer, Helen Smith, Ray Trapp Aug. 5, 2003, Al Wessel - he died about 1999, Bob Wiebel - and i'm sorry to say he died in 1960s at a young age (about 30) of heart problems. Don Wilt, Richie Winner, Woody Woodlewski, John (Bud) Le Masters CLEMM Apr. 7, 2006).

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