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December 17, 2003, the 100 year anniversary of powered flight

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Capital AirA CAPITAL Idea   (A virtual museum)

oclogo2 Air Cal   - acquired by American Airlines 1987

airfl Air Florida   - Air Florida filed for bankruptcy and folded on July 3, 1984. Its assets acquired by Midway Airlines

airmidwest4   Air Midwest - formerly Aviation Services Inc. - ASI. Subsidiary of Mesa Air Group. Ceases operations Jun. 30, 2008

awlogo2   Airwest - became Hughes Airwest

 Alitalia   - filed for bankruptcy Aug. 29, 2008. Compagnia Aerea Italiana, CAI, bought the Alitalia brand. Jan. 2009

allogo2   Allegheny Airlines   - Renamed US Airways 1995

aaa4   All American Aviation - was acquired by the US Airways Group 1986

aloha1     Aloha Airlines   - filed for bankruptcy again March 20, 2008

amerwestlogo3   America West   - merged into U.S. Airways Sep. 2005

arrowair   Arrow Airways and Canadian Airways merged to form Canadian Pacific Airlines. This airline would later be sold to Pacific Western Airlines in 1987, renaming the paired company Canadian Airlines International. This operation would later be absorbed by Air Canada in 2000.

ata2   ATA   - American Trans Air filed for bankruptcy April 2, 2008

bzlogo2   Bonanza Airlines   - merged Pacific AirLines and West Coast AirLines as Hughes Air West 1968

  Braniff Airways   bnlogo2     Braniff Airways   - Ended operations in bankruptcy May 12, 1982

cablea Cable Commuter - aquired by Golden West 1969

cca3 California Central Airlines - operated SAN-LAX-BUR-SFO-OAK-IYK. Ended operations 1954

California Eastern - sold to Slick 1948

Capital Air Capital Airlines - May 1960, Vickers/Rolls Royce foreclosed on Capital's entire fleet of Viscounts. July 28, 1960 a merger with United Airlines was announced and completed July 1, 1961

caassoc2 Capital Airlines Association   (The website has been taken down)

central9Central Airlines   - started with a fleet of eleven Beechcraft Bonanza A35s in 1949. Central was sold and merged into Frontier Airlines on October 1, 1967.

candslogo2 Chicago & Southern Airlines - formerly Seaboard Air, Merged with Delta

colonial Colonial Airlines - formerly Canadian Colonial Airlines, merged with Eastern Airlines)

cologo  Continental Airlines - acquired by United Airlines. Formal merge date Mar. 3, 2012

ealogo2   Eastern   - acquired by Continental Airlines [Texas International] and dissolved Feb. 24, 1986)

ftllogo2   Flying Tiger   - merged with Federal Express 1989

fllogo2   Frontier   - operations ended with acquisition by Peoples Express 1986

113452_frontier_80sb   Frontier   - resurrected July 5, 1994 with 180 employees and two 737 aircraft

gglogo2     Golden Gate   - 1979-1981,   merged with Swift Aire Lines 1981

gwlogo2   Golden West - formed from merger of Aero Commuter, Cable Commuter, Catalina Airlines, and Skymark Airlines 1968. Ended operations 1983

qxlogo2   Horizon Air - acquired by Alaska Air 1981

rwlogo2   Huges Airwest     - formerly- Air West, Pacific Airlines, Southwest Airways. In the fall of 1980, the assets were acquired by Republic Airlines

imp   Imperial Airlines - ended operations 1982

airbahama   International Air Bahama - Started ops Jul. 20, 1968, ceased ops May 18, 1981. Parent Co. Loftleiŏir Icelandic  

laalogo2   LA Airways - sold to Golden West Airlines 1971

lclogo2   Lake Central   - acquired by Allegheny Airlines 1968)

mid   Hanford Tri-State - became Mid-Continent Airlines in 1938, merged with Braniff in 1952

mwlogo2   Midway - ended operations 1991

museair2   Muse Air   - Began service in 1982. In 1985, Southwest Airlines bought out Muse Air and renamed it TranStar.

mologo2   Mohawk   - acquired by AlleghenyAirlines 1972

nalogo2   National   - acquired by Pan American Airways 1980

  New York Airways   - filed for bankruptcy on May 18, 1979

relogo2   North Central - bought Southern Airways in 1979. A merger of the two airlines formed Republic Airlines. Republic later acquired San Francisco-based Hughes Airwest.

nelogo2   Northeast - acquired by Delta Air Lines 1973

  Northwest - acquired by Delta Air Lines Oct. 30, 2008. Delta acquisition of Northwest is a $2.6 billion all-stock transaction, based on Northwest's share price

ona2   Overseas National   - The board of directors decided to liquidate Oct. 1978.

ozlogo2   Ozark   - acquired by TWA October 1986

psalogo2a Pacific Southwest Airlines   - acquired by US Air 1988.

psalogo2a   PSA History Museum

  Pan American       Pan American   - Pacific routes sold to United Airlines Feb. 11, 1986. Filed for bankruptcy 1991. Early 1997 brief revival of some services. Filed for bankruptcy Feb. 27, 1998

pelogo2 Peoples Express   - merged into New York Air/Continental/Texas Air

pilogo5   Piedmont Airlines   - became part of US Air

pallogo3   Pioneer   - Essair changes its name to Pioneer Airlines May 15, 1946. Merged with Continental

renologo2   Reno Air - initiated service 1992. Merged with American 1999

relogo2   Republic   - formed by a merger of North Central, Southern Airways. Ultimately acquired by Northwest

seaboard   Seaboard Air Line Railroad   - merged with Delta

skybus2   Skybus   - ceases operation April 5, 2008

slick4     Slick Airways - started by Earl Slick 1946. Acquired by Airlift International 1968

sologo3   Southern Airways - merged with North Central Airlines as Republic

oologo2   Sun Aire - merged with Skywest Airlines 1984

swiftlogo   Swift Aire - merged with Golden Gate Airlines 1981. Ended operations 1981

txintlogo3     Trans Texas   - name changed to Texas International. Acquired Continental and retained the Continental name

twlogo2     Trans World Airlines   merged with American Airlines Apr. 9, 2001

unic -   Universal Air Lines System operated 1928-1930 - Inaugurated first coast-to-coast air/rail service on June 14, 1929. Became part of All American/American Airlines

wclogo2   West Coast - became part of Airwest

walogo2     Western   - Merged with Delta Airlines 1987

wilogo2     Wien Alaska - filed for Chapter 11 bankrutcy Nov. 1984 without success

zoom2   Zoom International   - ceased operations Aug. 28, 2008


The Lockheed Constellation

The Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Manufactured!



United Airlines Historical Foundation

Dr. Charles C. Quarles - TheAirline Archives

DC 3 Virtual Musuem

Frontiers Of Flight, Dallas, TX (Love Field)

Airline History Museum (Save A Connie)   - (MKC Airport) Kansas City, MO, July, 2005 "The Connie" blew number 2 engine. The museum raised $120,000 to overhaul it. "Museum "Connie" is now a movie star... A motion picture, "The Aviator", stars Museum Connie. It's a story about the life of aviation pioneer Howard Hughes. The development of the Constellation was a major event in his aviation career. Filming, with the AHM Constellation was at the San Bernardino Airport, located just east of Los Angeles. The AHM Connie, complete with the original TWA paint scheme, created a perfect "set" for the movie makers. Some minor changes were made to the aircraft's exterior using water-based paints. The director, Martin Scorsese, and the star, Leonardo DiCaprio, are both very well known. The AHM Connie has been seen on the "big screen" all over the world.

Hiller Aviation Museum   - San Carlos Airport, CA

March Air Museum   - (Riverside, CA) March ARB, CA

McClellan Aviation Museum   - McClellan AFB (McClellan, CA) Sacramento, CA

Museum Of Flying   - Santa Monica (Airport), CA

National Air And Space Museum   - Official Home Page of the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC U.S.A.

The Mid Atlantic Air Musuem   - Reading, PA

Old Props   - Real Airplanes Have Props

Pacific Coast Air Museum   - Santa Rosa, CA

Planes Of Fame   - Chino, CA

San Diego Aerospace Museum   - (Balboa Park) San Diego, CA

Seattle Museum of Flight   - Seattle, WA

Western Museum Of Flight   - Torrance Airport 3315 Airport Drive, Red Baron #3, Torrance, CA 90505

A Virtual Museum dedicated to the Vickers-Armstrongs VC2 Viscount


Capital Air   A Capital Idea

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