Background for BAESEL Surname

Research yields one single explanation for the surname BAESEL. According to etymologists, the surname BAESEL is of toponymic origin. Toponymic names are those surnames which derive their origin from a place name near which the original bearer lived or held land. In this instance,the surname BAESEL is derived from the place name BASEL, as found in Switzerland. Thus, the surname denotes "one who came from BASEL", a person who is also known as a "BASLER". BASEL is the capital of the canton of the same name, found in the northwestern part of Switzerland, on the borders of Germany and France, The seal of BASEL from the year 1324 shows a two towered building, with a middle tower upon which is a cross.
Variants of the surname BAESEL include BÄSEL, BASELER, BASLER, and BASELAER. Rererence to this surname or to a variant includes a record of one named BERCHTOLD BASELAER, who was a canon in Zurich in 1219. One Joh. gen von Basel was a priest in Jegenstorf in Bern in 1360. Herm. gen. BASELER, later known as BASLER, was recorded in Esslingen (as found in documents dated 1304). One Rudolf von BASELER was captain in the Brandenburg army. He died in 1707. He is recorded as owning an estate in Prussia which was sold in 1760. Many of his sons also served in the Prussian army. The last mention of the family is a record of one Ernst Ludwig von BASELER, registered in the year 1799. He held the rank of colonel in the Prussion army.

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