My Grandfather's name is ... Edward A. Tappe He was a wonderful man and a loyal and passionate Pilot for Pennsylvania Central Airlines, Capital and then United. He passed away in May of 2000 and I am just now uncovering the history of this remarkable man.

Amy Trappe

Hallmark on the reverse of ID Plate: 4542/2615 CZ10 HD8
A note from Edward Tappe that accompanied the ID plate

Final resting place for ole #137 was Mid Atlantic Air Musuem, Carl Spaatz Field, Reading, PA (the following is an excerpt from their website)

Mid Atlantic Air Museum Member's Update - January 2000

"HUMP JUMPER” DEPARTS... WIDE LOAD! Our stripped Vickers Viscount fuselage is prepared for its last journey.

September 10th saw the departure of the Vickers Viscount fuselage that has been kept at the museum for the past few years. The fuselage, from an ex-Capital / ex-United Airlines aircraft, was originally saved when the aircraft was scrapped at Georgetown DE, and then brought to the museum. Our intentions were to remove the original passenger interior... seats, hat racks, lavatory, galley, bulkheads and floor boards for installation in the museum’s existing Viscount. The Museum’s Viscount, which has been painted in Capital Airlines “Nighthawk” markings, last served as a freighter, and, as such, had no interior.

The removal project, which was a sizable one, was completed earlier this summer. With the above mentioned items removed, as well as a number of other parts and components that can be used as spares for the museum, the fuselage was merely “taking up space” here at our facility. The decision was made to sell the fuselage for scrap, and on September 10th the scrappers arrived to remove it. After a loading process which took several hours, “Hump Jumper” departed, undoubtedly raising the eyebrows of many a motorist on it’s final trip to the scrapyard! Over the years, because of its location “in the middle” of our WW II Weekend encampment area, the old Viscount fuselage had been disguised as an American, German and even a Japanese aircraft, and marked with appropriate nose art... it’s first designation was as “Hump Jumper”. (A British aviation magazine even published a photo of it in its pseudo-Luftwaffe markings, asking readers to identify its lineage!)"

Link to pics of Capital Viscount N7439 (Vickers #137)
Hump Jumper

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